Jun 23, 2021

A self-taught, multidisciplinary artist, Catherine Potvin (1989) spreads her talent like a mess in an overly tidy room, zigzagging between the playful and the beautiful to create an aesthetic universe where each new line seems to inspire a sudden impression of lightness. Always favoring the accuracy of the idea over the execution, the young woman places intuition and authenticity at the center of her approach, moving from the most sophisticated to the most instinctive impulses to create, build, illustrate or animate with an awareness that is not without transpiring through her art. Like a place closer to a flea market than to a museum, one walks through Potvin's work without necessarily knowing what one was looking for, but always with the certainty of finding something unique and inspiring.

Marked by a resolutely grunge spirit -doubled by a violent allergy to rules and norms- Potvin began her artistic journey in 2014, when a sad and deep boredom pushed her to abandon her career in the accounting field. First developing her creative strength through Paint software, as well as through the realization of a first frame-by-frame animation mini-film, the young woman also studies with great interest the work of artists such as Ian Stevenson and David Shrigley, whose spirit and simplicity will not fail to add to her determination.

🎧 Clarian, The Fitness & Pony, The Holy, Laurence Matte, M.Bootyspoon, Pascale Project & Planet Giza
🎨 Catherine Potvin
💽 Courage
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