Aug 1, 2019

August: it’s FINALLY MUTEK! Calling all the avant-garde, powerful and peculiar electronic music fanatics! Here’s a list of our must-see artists:

Note that Piknic has already adorned itself of a special line-up in collaboration with the festival on August 25th: Octave One Live. It’s going to be one hell of an experience to dance to the unique techno music of this enigmatic Detroit duo.


-Organ Mood @ Cœur des Sciences de l’UQAM – The vaporous synth pop of this local Montreal group is the perfect recipe to get ready for the experiential journey that is MUTEK, during the first Nocturne.

 -MONOLAKE @ PY1 – A unique and immersive performance from masterRobert Henke cannot be refused.


-Matmos @ Studios des 7 Doigts – We love the crazy and stylish rhythmic sounds of Plastic Anniversary’s last album, conveniently they will be presenting it live.


-Akufen @ Esplanade de la Place des Arts – May it be a DJ set or a live, it’s always fun to reunite with Akufen, master of the very festive, danceinducing, peculiar microhouse. (It’s free)

-Circle of Live @ MTelus – A 6 hour jam led by Sebastian Mullaert (Minilogue) with Dorisburg, Johanna Knutsson, Matt Karmil and the one and only Mathew Jonson. For the sake of saying “I was there”.

 -Gurdun Gut @ Coeur des Sciences de l’UQAM – Gudrun Gut is a berlin underground figure heavily inspired by the new-wave and cold wave. Transpose this to techno and spice it up with post-punk. You’re intrigued? So are we...


-D.Tiffany & rkss Live @ Esplanade de la Place des Arts – We are very excited to welcome D.Tiffany at Piknic : her capacity to mix with brio allrepertoires on the dance floor should make this a magical moment! Wewill also be opening our chakras to prepare for the surprising music designer rkss at MUTEK.

 -Ouri @ Studios des 7 Doigts – Ouri may be from here, but to see her interpret her bewitching and highly elaborate melodies is a rare sight.

 -Blawan and CMD at MTelus – Techno in all its richness. Remember last summer’s CMD performance during our OFF Piknic with Nina Kraviz, wewere all smitten.


-Nicola Cruz, Project Pablo, Gene Tellem @MTelus – From the micro-house to party house and even tech-house with grace is what characterises this wonderful line-up...


-Octave One Live, Mike Shannon, Aleksandir and Danielle @ Piknic Électronik

 -Matt Karmil Live, The Mole @ Studio des 7 doigts – Hypnotic house, sampling, a classy way to end the festival.