Oct 1, 2015

Hey there. It's us again. We’re feeling a little choked up with emotion and, in this moment, it’s going to be a bit tough to hold it all back. Because it’s only after we’ve set up 22 events, met and danced to all the talented artists and DJs from here and elsewhere, dressed up for every theme, and had our fair share of buckets that we can say: WHAT A SUCCESS! The 13th edition of Piknic Electronik was attended by – drum roll – 109,096 festivalgoers in total. That’s a party. In case you’re not aware, that’s an historic record.

And this gorgeous record number doesn’t even include the Chromatic Piknic at Mount Royal’s Belvedere lookout, the three events at Jardins Gamelin, the three volumes of VHS... All told, this success is due to you. So we wanted to thank you very much. A kind of thank you, 109,096 times over.

We will soar on that until next season, the 14th season, which will begin on the weekend of May 22 and 23, 2016, with the traditional double #scoop. Woohoo! Obviously we’re talking about two times the fun. Until then, keep dreaming about all those beautiful moments you experienced this summer (without living too deeply in the past). See you in 2016