May 13, 2020

Normally (but what is normal now anyway amiright!) you would be able to count on your hands the days separating us from the much anticipated opening of Piknic Électronik’s 18th season. 18 years old! This is huge, we are officially entering adulthood this year! Legalyetnotlegalyet. ;)

The opening of the season might be postponed, but don’t you worry, we will still make you dance all summer long. We are cooking up brand spanking new "Piknic at home", just for you! Our very first will be released on the opening day of the season, Sunday May 17th, with none other than our very own Misstress Barbara!

Stay tuned, prepare your buckets and dance moves! Tag us in your stories, show us how you #PiknicAtHome. We will compile the best ones and distribute them during the next event. It may be your time to shine. #PiknicAtHome #BucketLife #PartyAtHome